Gotta love the radio booth.
photo by Amy Chambless

Slow dancing? At Stax Nite?
photo by Amy Chambless

For one night, Austin became Memphis and celebrated the greatest soul label of all time. Click on a picture for a larger version.

Daddy on the mic.
photo by Rock Slides

T-Bird and Sasha.
photo by Amy Chambless

Shaft! Daddy as Pink Moses (we had to fire our Black Moses, and White Moses was long dead).
photo by Amy Chambless

Action shot of T-Bird & The Breaks
photo by Rock Slides

Funk Peepshow Dancers & Daddy

More Pictures are Coming!
Check back soon


We raised a lot of money for the Stax Music Academy in Memphis, TN. The Stax Music Academy is a program of the Soulsville Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the world-famous "Memphis sound" and serving the Memphis community's youth through mentoring and music education. Learn more about their mission at

Check out T-Bird & The Breaks. Seriously one of the best, if not the best, soul bands in Austin.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Victory Grill

1104 E. 11th St.
Austin 78702
(512) 499-8833

Doors 9pm
Dancing all night long.

The Victory offers down-home cooking, as well as beer and setups. Bring your own hooch.

Fly-style encouraged.




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